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“I have hundreds of books on my shelves I’ve not had the chance to read, because I have an addiction to buying beautiful books with stunning covers.” - JD Smith

When it comes to book cover design, the common phrase that “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is not so true. People do look for products that look good and a book is no different. Our eyes are the first point of contact with the world, and in a second our brain has already decided how pleasant, or not, something is to us. So, a book cover is like a salesman to its audience and is the first thing that will appeal to them to take a closer look and potentially buy it.

At Phanoon, our experienced designers will work together with you to achieve the best cover design. During each step, we will get your feedback and improve design accordingly while complying to best design practices.

For every project we:

  • Create custom-made designs; and
  • Provide unlimited revisions until satisfaction.

We are so confident in our skills that we offer money back guarantee. So, if you do not like your book cover design for any reason and want a refund, we will refund you straightway, no question asked. This excludes any service charges. You can read more about our refunds and cancellations policy on our Terms and Service page.

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